2019 Grape Crops

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2019 Grape Crops

Post by EllenL » 14 Nov 2019, 07:17

:) What varieties grew well for you? What finally produced fruit? I seem to have a three year window for fruit development here, but we had some fantastic blueberry grapes this year and were able to sell a crop locally. The borers or sharpshooters, not sure which, took out 4 of the 8 Blueberry plants I put in the ground. 2 are growing back from the root. for some reason, the local nurseries do not have any this year. The one that produced is taking over the back fence, so hope to get more production next year, but I will spray horticultural oil on it as soon as it loses its leaves to stop the ants, cushion mealybug and scale and borer/sharpshooter activity. We also had some Red Globe and a golden Muscat crop, so it was not a bad year considering.

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Re: 2019 Grape Crops

Post by FructusCultura » 27 Nov 2019, 19:58

These grapes do great around San Diego
- New York Muscat, especially if grafted onto Isabella, aka California Concord. Superb flavor and aroma, early midseason / midseason.
- Isabella, - superb flavor and aroma, if thinned adequately, which applies to most grapes for that matter.
- Alicante Bouschet (at least in Spring Valley) - nice berry flavor, not too tart not too sweet tenturier type, very dark red flesh and juice, very dark skin.
- Muscat Ottonel - easy growing and nicely producing beautifully floral flavorful muscat type, of the light/white/green sort.
- Ontario - really nice very early ripening, usually best grafted onto stronger growing rootstock, such as onto Muscat Hamburg (MH is nothing special for fruit in San Diego, at least) and Isabella.
- Dattier de St. Vallier - really nice, unique top-ovoid-shaped berries. If on own roots doesn't grow well in sandy-ish soils, but grows well in the range of typical San Diego other than sandy-ish. Some substantial clay content is best, with decent enough drainage.

………. and more to come…..

- Semillon - too sweet inland, nothing special at the coast. Healthy grower but ho hum fruit. A sort of 'harsh' sweetness. Similar in that regard with 'Gold' also. Those two cultivars are now 'rootstock' for others.

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